Just a few things about me.

Hi, there,

Stanley is my English name for now and I think it will stick with me hereafter.

I picked it up from the film, the Mask, starring Jim Carrey as Stanley.

I am an eager traveler… but unable to travel far…I am not rich.

an illustration lover and drawer… but unable to draw well.

a game manic… a standard “home boy”, translated literally from Chinese.

and a baseball dilettante… dilettante for being unable to play well but able to shout quit out loud for cheers.

I love to drink milk tea, especially tea plus authentic milk, not cream!!
If you know any stand  serving good milk tea, share it with me, please.

And if you want to know where to get a good cup of milk tea around Danshui, just come consult the only true God of Milk Tea. Yeah, that’ll be me. P
I enjoy bean milk, too. It is so delicious~  = .=


English… m… to master it, there is a long way ahead for me.

Teaching… wowow… that is what profession’s about.

English teaching! ! wooo~ (with eyes half closing and the little finger half curved before the lips) Let’s wait and see.




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