Visiting Lishan High School

This time we went visiting Taipei Lishan High School at Nahu, the school in which I will learn as a practice teacher for the next half of 2008. This visit focused itself more than that of Long Men on subject matter teaching. Therefore, we could do one more class observation.

The styles of the two teachers I observed were different from each other. The first teacher spoke in a rather steady tone. However, she didn’t seem to catch every attention from the students in the beginning. But after she played the video form BBC, the class was all quiet and watched it with full attention. I wonder what if she played it in the beginning of the class. Would that help to calm the students and have them center in the class? The radio talk activity was very interesting and appealing to them. I don’t seem to have a slightest chance to hold a walkie-talkie ever. Students nowadays are so lucky that they can receive dedicate education like this.
The second teacher’s speech speed was fast and lively. I found she was good at using on-the-spot material. The lesson was about body language. She raised the text book and handouts, telling her students that the class began. By thus, she got their attention right away. Aside from her lively voice, she used group discussion to keep the lesson exciting. However, her pacing was really fast and therefore was able to cover more activities. Maybe it is my age that my attention seemed unable to hold that well after four or five activities. By the way, her oral English was sooooo impressive.

2 Responses to “Visiting Lishan High School”
  1. Leo 說道:

    Hmm, you’ve observed a lot from the two teaching and made a complete comparison between the two teachers’ styles. Hope your internship here goes well.:-)

  2. Leo 說道:

    Your translation of the websites here made me speechless…..
    It made me burst into laughter at the first sight. 😀
    Anyway, it’s still creative and interesting.


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