The visit to Long Men

The teacher was scolding students as we were entering the classroom. A few students stood in their seats for not bringing their workbooks with them to school. One student was particularly admonished for his attitude. In a stern tone, the teacher stated clearly her stand, even imitated the student’s attitude and let him understand what was wrong about it.
What interested me was not the scene, but how she dealt with it. Since I began to teach, I have wanted to see on the spot how a teacher admonishes her students when she has to. I always think in teaching career, instead of teaching subject contents, guiding and counseling students are the most difficult part. When admonishing them, her voice was stern and confident, which connoted an aggressive, persuasive, and authoritative air. Besides the stern and confident voice, in this observation, I noticed she did one thing at one time, which, I think, is the primary code whenever we guide or teach students. This “do one thing at one time" thing might be cliche for some people but not for me. Because I am subject to nervousness. People act differently when they are nervous. I speak whatever pops out of my head when nervousness strikes me. That can send students to “the never-reach-a-clue-land." Maybe confidence which I am attempting to build all the time can help remove it. Confident…confident…a confident lion…(hypnotizing myself…)
* * * *
It was quite a pity that we didn’t have observations on all of the English teachers. In the classroom of 8 grader 8, except teacher-directing correction of assignment and a vocabulary test, we did not see much about formal teaching activities while the other classroom seemed to have one. It seemed that we could learn a lot from Ben, too, who was so active and enthusiastic. Teachers there were so energetic and responsible. I think they are great models for me to learn from.
* * * *

2 Responses to “The visit to Long Men”
  1. x94nm3 說道:

    I agree with your ideas. I also felt depressed that I couldn’t observe the teaching styles of other teacher. However, I found teachers in Long-Men Junior High School are conscientious about their teaching. Take one of teachers for example, she said that she always prepared her teaching materials on vacation. No wonder Long-Men is one of good schools in Taipei.

  2. Alice 說道:

    It’s hard to say how a teacher teaches by only observing the class for 40 minutes. However, as Stanley puts it, there’s always certain aspect that is worth the time. For Stanley, it is how a teacher disciplines the students when they don’t behave themselves. For others, it could be how the teacher prepares the workbooks during vacations. It actually is better to have a discussion with the teachers that open their classrooms for us to observe. While it is possible to tell a teacher’s belief system, a discussion enables us to draw more inner thoughts from them and understand exactly what the underlying theories are.


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