Oh, I forgot to post my lesson plan.

Here is my lesson plan that I was supposed to attach to Reflection on lesson plan.
Requires some kind of refinement.






Unit One

Learning Objectives

1. Learning animal-related expressions2. Sentence patterns:l Vt + DO +prep. +IOVt +IO + DO

l It seems that S +V… è S + seem(s) + V

Teaching activities

Warm-up activities1. On page 3, ask students to choose an adjective below for eachanimal.2. Preview some sentence patterns:

… gives you the impression of being …(a.)

… seems to be …(a.)

After students choose adjectives to describe the animals, busy

for a bee, for instance, teacher concludes: “So bees give you the impression of being busy." “Tortoises give you the impression of being slow."…etc.

If there is disagreement or uncertainty, teacher can conclude with

“Elephants seem to be strong."
“Owls seem to be wise."

2. Remind students some of Aesop’s fables and discuss what impression the animals in the stories give them.

By doing so, more practice of sentence patterns above can be obtained.

Developing activities

1. Use the reading tip right above on page 4. Meanwhile, suggest them the reading strategy, scanning.

2. Reading: relate the impressions of mouse, elephant, chicken, bee, peacock in Chinese culture to those in the text and compare them when they are taught of.

3. Reading comprehension checks: do the reading comprehension part on page 6 & 7 with students.

4. Vocabulary, Idioms, and Phrases

5. Grammar in the spotlight:

a. Go through the sentence pattern (SP) 1 part, have students circle the verbs in the sentences and finish the part.

b. SP 2

6. Expansion (p16~18)

Post activities

It is all about gossip(conversation time): group students and have them discuss questions:

a. Gives dozens of animal pictures for them to choose from to represent themselves, and then have them explain why they choose it.

b. If I were an animal, what would I like to be?


1. Go home and study the vocabulary, idioms, and phrases. We are going to have a sweet, little test on them.

2. Write two articles according to the questions we have discussed in class. Each of them should be one paragraph long. Remember, they should be written in the format of paragraph.










2 Responses to “Oh, I forgot to post my lesson plan.”
  1. pamela81 說道:


    thanks your encouragement!
    I’ll keep trying~

    by the way,
    that’s funny you wrote
    “We are going to have a sweet, little test"
    I never had a sweet test…..
    I wanna one, too!!

  2. Alice 說道:

    I think you can really put this into practice in the future. You’ve got some good ideas inside. Thanks very much for your efforts.



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