Reflection on lesson plan

4 kinds of lesson plans, from the very detailed to the very general, were shown in the 3rd time we attended the class. I was kind of overwhelmed by the very detailed one since it included so much information when I had to read it in a short time. Its designer must have imagined some possible situations during the teaching process. I think that is good and helpful training for a new teacher. Yet typing those all-inclusive things all out feels quite tiring. I would try to take some notes or memos instead. Whether to practice them or not, I would leave it to the on-the-spot classroom atmosphere.
In the class, Miss Chiu brought up the question “what is the principle of making a lesson plan?" Its answer may be related to teacher’s own belief. If the teacher believes student-center is helpful for learning, he will try to organize the activities that focus on students. Aside from teacher’s belief, reflection of lesson plan on the teaching goal, correspondence of each activity with the teaching goal, the flow of the teaching plan, involvement of the learners’ need and so on are crucial, too…Right, in other words, the aims as said in the handouts



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