Reflection on ICT

The information communication technology(ICT) does enable teachers do once-and-for-all teaching preparation. It can catch attention from students because it can perform in many ways that a teacher alone can hardly do. It creates easily environment for students to share things with others naturally by inviting them to a virtual world in which real communication are always taking place. This sounds quite ideal for any language classroom.
ICT has many strengths, but it has something that has to deal with care. The two below are what comes to me for the time being, the presentation skills and classroom management. Class with ICT still has to be presented nicely. Teacher must let students comprehend the goal and objectives of engaging them in some ICT. Teacher can share some anecdotes, of his own or from somewhere, about using the ICT to wet their appetites. Enthusiasm, of course, is important as well. In fact, it will be wasting time if I go on saying something about its importance.
Classroom management in computer class seems never easy for teacher. Teacher can hardly know what students are doing when hidden behind monitors. Some may say that if they are well informed of the goals and objectives, motivated by either teacher’s enthusiasm or anecdotes, they are theoretically teacher’s good babies doing what is told. Yeah, they theoretically are if we do not take individual difference into account. Perhaps, in Teaching Neverland, small group classroom might help solve the problem.

One Response to “Reflection on ICT”
  1. Alice 說道:

    Thanks for your inputs about ICT in teaching. I can particularly relate to your point that ICT should be used with care. Furthermore, since ICT has been considered good to promote thinking and learning, I hold that it should be integrated in an innovative way. Technology has provided us teachers with many alternative teaching aids, to be sure. However, these new tools can do more than what the traditional aids are capable of. If teachers use new technologies in an old way, it is a waste. Right?


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