Question 1: Which of these approaches do you hope will have more influence on your teaching in the future?

Of these approaches, I hope the Communicative, affective humanistic, and task-based approaches will have more influence on my teaching in the future.

The Communicative Approach views language as a tool for communication. The goal of teaching is to develop communication competence. These notions are so true and undeniable. They explain the very reason learners sit in language classroom for. As the notion of globalization coming to realization, we might see the Communicative Approach take a primary place in language teaching. It always reminds me that a language classroom is a place to learn or acquire language, rather than rules or facts about language. And I think it can make leaning English more meaningful and interesting, too.

The Affective Humanistic: many believe our language learning can be enhanced if our psychological barriers, or what Krashen calls affective filters, are lowered. Leave this aside, an enjoyable learning experience at least would not drive learners away from language classroom easily.

The task-based approach: this approach shares a similar view of language with the Communicative Approach, providing a natural context for using language. The task-based approach might have problem applying in every classroom, but it creates lots of opportunities for language using and learning while students are involved in an engaging task.

3 Responses to “Question 1: Which of these approaches do you hope will have more influence on your teaching in the future?”
  1. beautifulaura 說道:

    It’s surprising to find the three strategies you chose is the same as me….
    ps. I like milk tea too.

  2. 哇係Stanley 說道:

    Really? Wow~
    Well, then, you are ingenious as I am!!

  3. Alice 說道:

    It should not be surprising that we can guess the philosophy underlying your choices. I like approaches in your list. There’s one problem, though. Since English is taught as a “subject" at school rather than merely a means to communicate, some students might not appreciate the communicative tasks or activities you design for them. Are your well-prepared for the challenge?


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